Intelligence Analysis Career Training (IACT) Program

Our Intelligence Analysis Career Training (IACT) Program—formerly known as the Analyst Boot Camp (ABC)—is an intensive 10-week program designed to provide you with the general knowledge required to navigate the field of intelligence analysis—whether in the Intelligence Community, Homeland Security Community, Military, or Law Enforcement arena—as well as the practical skills of actually performing intelligence analysis. Our program results in a certificate in Intelligence Studies accredited by the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools (Certificate Number 1978).

Program Schedule

The IACT program runs every Spring, Summer, and Fall. Please call or email us for the most current schedule

IACT runs daily Monday-Friday from 9am – 5pm

Tuition: $9,995

This program is approved for Veterans Administration Education Benefits and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act funding.

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IACT Program Overview

IACT incorporates hybrid instructional method that includes lectures, readings/journal entries, and practical exercises aimed at teaching critical thinking skills, structured analytic techniques, and writing and briefing in the intelligence style. Instruction includes utilization of experts in the field of intelligence analysis to provide more in-depth lessons on issues in various functional intelligence disciplines, such as:

  • terrorism, transnational organized crime, and other law enforcement specialties
  • air force, air defense, missiles and space, and other NASIC-related specialties
  • regional and functional Intelligence Community areas, such as WMD and cyber analysis.

We also do site visits, professional development work, and bring in potential employers to describe what they do and what they are looking for in prospective hires. Our program finishes with a 4-week-long experiential learning program focusing on law enforcement analysis.

As part of the program, students are submitted for a Single-Scope Background Investigation.  This 10-year background investigation is an examination of certain variables of an individual’s life to make a determination if the person is an acceptable security risk.  The following areas are evaluated on a “whole person” basis: allegiance to the United States; foreign influence; foreign preferences; sexual behavior; personal conduct; financial considerations; alcohol consumption; drug involvement and substance misuse; psychological conditions; criminal conduct; handling protected information; outside activities; and use of information technology.

In 2006, the Advanced Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) was established to solve shortages in technical intelligence expertise for the US Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Cyber Security communities. ATIC sought to educate and train a workforce of cleared government and contractor personnel capable of generating actionable intelligence from technical intelligence systems. As a result, ATIC created the Analyst Boot Camp (ABC) program. Today, Wright State Research Institute (WSRI), through its 501c(3) non-profit WSARC, has exclusive license to deliver the ATIC Analyst Boot Camp program, now called the Intelligence Analysis Career Training (IACT) program. We continue the ATIC tradition and collaborate with government, industry, and academia to refine and further this unique educational opportunity. Our goal is to provide you with the relevant knowledge and practical skills you need to become a successful intelligence analyst in whatever intelligence discipline you choose.

Course Material

The course material for our Intelligence Analysis Career Training (IACT) program is divided into four general categories:

1. Overview of the Intelligence Analysis Field

  • History and Overview of the Intelligence Community and Law Enforcement Intelligence
  • Counterintelligence, Espionage, Deception, and Information Sharing
  • Budget, Oversight, Ethical, and Legal Issues in the Intelligence and Law Enforcement Communities
  • Introduction to and Steps of the Intelligence Cycle

2. Skill Set Development:

  • Writing and Briefing for Intelligence Analysis
  • Analytic and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Structured Analytic Techniques
  • Collaboration, Outreach, Networking, and Release
  • Application/Software Skills
  • Capstone Portfolio Project

3. Specialized Expertise:

  • Introduction to Surveillance and Detection
  • Introduction to Space and Missile Analysis
  • Introduction to Air Force Analysis
  • Integrated Air Defense Systems Analysis
  • Introduction to Transnational Organized Crime
  • Introduction to Terrorism Analysis
  • Introduction to GEOINT and GIS Analysis
  • Introduction to Wide Area Surveillance
  • Introduction to Law Enforcement Intelligence
  • Introduction to Big Data and the Dark Web
  • Introduction to WMD: Radiological & Nuclear Weapons/Chemical & Biological Weapons
  • Human Systems Integration
  • Order of Battle Analysis & Lab
  • Introduction to the Cyber Threat
  • Introduction to SIGINT and Electronic Warfare
  • Security 101

4. Professional Development and Leadership Sessions

  • Resume Writing Workshop
  • Mock Interview Panels
  • Introduction to Power Platform Leadership Styles
  • CliftonStrengths and VAK Learning Styles Assessments
  • Company Information Sessions with various professionals in the field who would be interested in hiring successful graduates from our program
  • Site Visits

For more information about this program, including our course catalog and instructor bios, please email our Training Director at and our administrator inbox at