Career Training and Certification Programs

Wright State Research Institute (WSRI), through its 501c(3) non-profit, Wright State Applied Research Corporation (WSARC), offers workforce development programs for job seekers in the Intelligence Community, Military, Homeland Security, and Law Enforcement Intelligence domains. WSARC was established in 2011 to provide a separate efficient and effective contracting, grant, and research administration services to WSRI, Wright State University (WSU), and the state of Ohio.

Our Intelligence Analysis Career Training (IACT) (formerly known as the Analyst Boot Camp or ABC program) and Cyber Analysis Data Security (CADS) programs are accredited by, and audited by-annually through, the Ohio State Board for Career Colleges and Schools (Certificate Number: 1978). WSARC is authorized to issue a Certificate of Intelligence Analysis Training or Certificate of Cyber Security Training to graduates of these programs.


WSARC holds its programs at the following locations:

  1. National Center for Medical Readiness:
    506 East Xenia Dr., Fairborn, OH 45324
  1. WSRI Headquarters:
    4035 Colonel Glenn Highway
    Beavercreek, OH 45431
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Frank W.

I am currently a corporate accountant in Cleveland, Ohio and I am striving to attain my CPA license. I think that the training I received in ABC has been beneficial. The research and analysis techniques taught in ABC have helped me a lot, especially in studying for the CPA exams.

Angelica G.

I am currently employed as an Intelligence Analyst with the Department of Defense under the Air Force Material Command, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center. I obtained this position as a Palace Acquire Intern, which is an accelerated type paid internship program where I am trained as an Analyst, exiting the program as a GG-11.

I do greatly believe part of the reason I obtained my current position is because of ABC. I can be reached at this address if any more detail is wanted.

Mark S.

Yes, I am using the Intelligence Analyst skills I learned in the course. In 2015 I started a job as a Software Developer at CACI International, Inc.  The only reasons I got this jobs were: (1) I had an existing TS/SCI security clearance, and (2) I had learned what Intelligence Analysts do for a living.

The software program I am working on is used by Intelligence Analysts. My understanding of what they do greatly enhances my ability to write software that services their needs.

Alana S.

I believe my ABC training was very useful. The How to Think Like an Analyst was the best class. Analysts were trained very differently by the Army in the late 90s.

Shelly S.

I gained employment as a contractor working with The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network in January of 2015. I do think that my experience in ABC did play a key role in getting this job.

Intelligence Analysis Career Training (IACT) Program

IACT Program Overview IACT incorporates hybrid instructional method that includes lectures, readings/journal entries, and practical exercises aimed at teaching critical thinking skills, structured analytic techniques, and writing and briefing in the intelligence style. Instruction includes utilization of experts in the field of intelligence analysis to provide more in-depth lessons on issues in various functional intelligence […]

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Cyber Analysis Data Security

As part of the program, students are submitted for a Single-Scope Background Investigation.  This 10-year background investigation is an examination of certain variables of an individual’s life to make a determination if the person is an acceptable security risk.  The following areas are evaluated on a “whole person” basis: allegiance to the United States; foreign […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wright State Research Institute’s Applied Research Corporation (WSARC) is the 501(3)(c) which is the authorized provider for the Intelligence Analysis Career Training (IACT) Program—formerly known as the Analyst Boot Camp (ABC)—and the Cyber Analysis Data Security (CADS) training program. These programs are accredited by, and audited bi-annually through, the State of Ohio Board of Career […]

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