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Tech Warrior OPS provides an opportunity for small businesses to gain early feedback from warfighters and first responders. The OPS event, held at the National Center for Medical Readiness, is designed to place technologies in the hands of the actual user during training and exercise scenarios that simulate more rigorous operational use. This allows the user to provide highly-valuable objective and subjective feedback. It also provides small businesses with direct access to the operators for open discourse regarding potential solutions to any challenges encountered and accelerates the time it takes to formulate and execute solutions.

Tech Warrior OPS events last between one and two weeks depending on the training requirements of the operator community participating. The events can offer any, or a combination, of the following based on requirements/needs:


Small businesses demonstrate their technologies with their target audience. The operators perform tasks as they would in the field, offering a rare glimpse into the rigors of combat or emergency response conditions.


Military as well as civilian operators are included in the events. This allows technology demonstration across a broader market space.


While operators participate in their own training, it is understood that they will integrate technologies inside their scenarios. A blend of free-play and scripted scenarios will allow for modifications that meet specific, just-in-time technology demonstration needs.


The Tech Warrior OPS opportunity provides SBIR/STTR businesses one-on-one follow-up time with the operators where they can gather specific data and ask questions

Contact the Tech Warrior Enterprise staff to arrange an in-person or telecom Tech Warrior OPS interview:

  • Present technology and need
  •  Ask questions
  •  Discuss next steps