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Tech Warrior CONNECT provides an opportunity for small businesses to gain valuable early feedback and to perform simple testing on their technologies. Tech Warrior CONNECT is a customized experience that results in feedback from subject matter experts, and/or iterative technology integration. Tech Warrior Enterprise personnel design a CONNECT experience to meet the needs of a small business’ technology development stages, at any time during the calendar year.

Tech Warrior CONNECT events can include any of the following, or any combination of the following, based on requirements/needs:

Domain Expert Consultation

Small businesses receive access to subject matter experts from their intended user community, present their technology, and receive valuable input. This can include demonstration of a prototype or simple explanation of design concepts. Users provide feedback on how the technology might integrate best for their particular user group/requirements.

Network Integration

Small businesses integrate technology functions into a complex network environment. TWE network engineers incorporate the technology with NCMR’s secure network infrastructure, and provide feedback and suggestions as ‘bugs’ are worked out. Working with network engineers prepares the small business for integration into the more complex Tech Warrior Enterprise events such as Tech Warrior OPS and/or Operation Tech Warrior.

Fundamental Test/Demonstration

TWE staff design and execute a simple test scenario for a small business’ technology or prototype, allowing for collection of early data, allowing for failure, which accelerates fixes/changes that drive future development priorities. Leveraging Tech Warrior CONNECT to conduct early rudimentary testing enhances a small business’ ability to showcase breakthroughs in more complex demonstrations such as Operation Tech Warrior.


“Tech Warrior CONNECT is the first step to actualize the value of what the Tech Warrior Enterprise has to offer the small business community and accelerate the development of vital resources for the warfighter.”   David Shahady, Air Force SBIR/STTR Program Director