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Operation Tech Warrior is unique experience opportunity, immersing members and technology in a realistic operational environment.

In today’s rapidly changing and uncertain world, the technical warrior must provide the Air Force with capabilities to conduct any mission, meet any contingency, dominate any battlefield, and win any war.  If the Air Force wants to maintain its scientific and technological edge, it must have members who can “speak the language” by competently serving as an interface between both the warrior and industry, and having both technical vision and experience. Since 2001, the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) has conducted an annual Tech Warrior Exercise to create a venue that combines both operational training and testing into an integrated environment.


  • Provide AFRL Science and Engineering personnel who have limited operational assignment experience an intense FIELD, MOBILITY, and COMBAT SKILLS TRAINING opportunity to increase their awareness of the operational environment.
  • Provide an opportunity for AFRL Scientists and Engineers to TEST, EXPERIMENT, CONDUCT DATA COLLECTION, INSERT, and/or otherwise SHOWCASE and DEMONSTRATE state-of-the- art warfighting technologies in a realistic operational environment.


During the 11-day immersion event, AFRL members participate in training led by expert operators in areas including:

  • Field Operations/Command and Control
  • Combat First Aide and Self Aide Buddy Care
  • Rescue Operations & Perimeter Defense
  • Land Navigation and Orienteering
  • Basic Weapons Familiarization
  • M-Series Vehicle Driving/Convoy Ops/IEDs
  • Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Operations & Disaster Response
  • Mounted & Dismounted Combat Tactics

Capstone Field Training Event (FTX) with Integrated Technology Demonstrations:

  • Trainees participate in operational vignettes while technologists demonstrate the operational utility of the various AFRL technologies