National Center For Medical Readiness

The National Center for Medical Readiness (NCMR) is a realistic training environment for any potential emergency response personnel – from community groups and healthcare providers to law enforcement agencies and combat medics.

NCMR maintains large meeting rooms and offices set on over 50 acres in Fairborn, Ohio, and uses unique props and realistic settings to duplicate the full range of hazardous materials, confined spaces, and transportation-oriented wreckage. These environments provide a training and research platform for a wide market of potential users.

NCMR also serves as a test bed for industry development and commercialization of disaster preparedness-related equipment and materials.

The facility bridges the gap between medical readiness and disaster response through the creation and implementation of training programs that offer solutions to dynamic emergency rescue challenges.

NCMR Vision

To better protect you and your family, the National Center for Medical Readiness will lead the world in developing the readiness and resiliency of response teams.

NCMR Mission

We improve individual and community-wide readiness, response, and recovery from emergencies and disasters through programs dedicated to saving lives and developing resiliency. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, education and training; modeling and simulation; consulting and management; and research, testing and evaluation.

First responders don biohazard PPE and treat patient simulators.

NCMR offers a wide range of austere training conditions and scenarios for first responders.

First Reponder


For almost 90 years, the 54-acre site at 506 East Xenia Drive in Fairborn, Ohio produced cement, an ingredient critical to building infrastructure in the region. Today, the property has been reborn as a new training venue where emergency first responders build their skills. The Fairborn City Manager and Fire Chief met with two Wright […]

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Get directions to the National Center for Medical Readiness from the Cincinnati OH, Columbus OH, Indianapolis IN.

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Training and People

Training Methodology NCMR provides a unique capability of curriculum development and delivery across the spectrum of adult learning. Our approach is to provide an integrated delivery which capitalizes on off-site/on-line distance learning foundations, followed up with hands-on training in a resident environment and culminating in a hands-on practical application training phase in a tough environment. […]

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