WSRI Team Successfully Flies Multiple Different UAS with a Single Operator

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(Dayton, OH) A team from Wright State Research Institute (WSRI) and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) spent two weeks in September working in the restricted air space at Camp Atterbury, Indiana testing advanced concepts for single operator control of multiple different UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems).

The Heterogeneous-UAS Integration for a single-operator VSCS Environment (HIVE) Capstone Flight Test was the culmination of a project managed by AFRL and funded by OSD.

“AFRL has been developing and testing advanced UAS interface concepts through the Vigilant Spirit Control Station (VSCS) for a number of years utilizing simulations and flight testing with small UAS. HIVE was a devoted effort to demonstrate the advanced capabilities and maturity of Vigilant Spirit with larger UAS using operationally relevant mission vignettes,” stated Greg Feitshans, AFRL’s Chief Engineer for Vigilant Spirit.